Sudoku Graphic

Sudoku Graphic 1.6


Sudoku Graphic software porgram is a colorful and graphic version of everyone's favorite logic game, Sudoku. The impressive high-quality images in this game are also available for print.

If you have a printer, you can print out these puzzles and take them with you and play while traveling, waiting for someone, or while just hanging around a coffee shop.

Sudoku Graphic is also available to be sent electronically to friends, family and co-workers via email so you could share the fun. This Sudoku game is fully configurable, you can choose from different difficulty levels, size of the game, replace game blocks and more.

All running games can be saved so you can resume playing in the future. There is no limit to how many games can be saved. Sudoku Graphic's scoring system is based on the net time spent on playing a round, amount of moves and attempts is taken into account.

No special requirements or plug-ins needed to install this software. This application works with Windows XP and lower operating system versions.